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ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence is a propaganda program meant to promote plays written by high school students that address the impact of gun violence.” One of this year’s plays came to my attention: ‘Ghost Gun’.

Here’s a description of ‘Ghost Gun,’ the play . . .

Propelled by the urgency of his own decay and desperate to be heard, BLACK BOY delivers his “villain’s monologue” – a parting speech typically delivered to a hero before their death – to his audience held at gunpoint.

I attempted to get an interview with playwright, Olivia Ridley, a New Jersey high school student. Inquiries went without response. So questions like “Why the name ‘Ghost Gun?’” went unanswered. I don’t know if her protagonist has a “ghost gun,” what sort, or if the young lady even knows what one is. I highly doubt she’s actually speaking of 80-percent receivers.

Her bio says she wanted to explore the nuance of the “gun violence” issue. Did addressing that nuance include speaking with lawful gun owners? Does she know any?

She said that “gun control is certainly a great place to start!” What additional gun control would she like to see? Does she realize she already lives in one of the most heavily-regulated states? Does she have a clue as to what laws already exist?

The play’s description says its main character is a boy, which suggests he is a minor. How did her character obtain his gun? As a minor he could not lawfully purchase a handgun in any state in the country, so he’s already breaking existing laws. How would she persuade even her own law-breaking character to obey additional “gun control” laws?

Ms. Ridley’s character is described as delivering a “villain’s monologue,” which suggests that he was the bad guy and may have been shot in self-defense. Does she actually see an apparent violent criminal as a role model to emulate, and expect the audience to take his advice on gun control?

But mostly I think I wanted to ask her if she has considered a play exploring a pro-gun rights point of view, in contrast to “Ghost Gun?” If she’s even aware that such a valid viewpoint exists?

I rather suspect she doesn’t, and doesn’t want to, explaining why I received no response from her or from ENOUGH.

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