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Besides the total repeal of the NFA, all I want for Christmas is a Dead Air Nomad-Ti Silencer.  The Nomad-Ti, based on specs alone, is up at the pinnacle of lightweight .30 cal cans. The added plaudits from TFB Honchos James and Pete don’t hurt, either.  A lightweight can that can handle high-pressure calibers up to .300 Norma Mag would be a great addition to my can collection, as I have some longer barreled firearms, such as the Sako Carbon Wolf in .300 Win Mag, that don’t take kindly to a lot of weight being put on the end of a long, slimmer barrel.


Photo Credit: TFB Pete

When things go bump in the silent night, and creatures are stirring, the Nomad-TI is no slouch either.  Rated for .300 Blk in any barrel length, and 5.56 out of 12.5″ or longer barrels (to keep the temp down), the Nomad-TI can help bring you peace and quiet in one press of the trigger.

Ultralight Silence - The New Dead Air NOMAD-TI

Ultralight Silence – The New Dead Air NOMAD-TI

Pete’s one quibble with the Nomad-TI was its color.  That won’t matter to me, as I keep all my rifle cans under wraps for burn protection and mirage mitigation.  Even the muzzle end of my can is usually covered with a single layer of electrical tape, as a snow-packed silencer can ruin your day pretty quickly

Nomad-TI @ TFB


$1099 MSRP

The Nomad-Ti is an exercise in displaying our latest engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to its ultra-light weight of just 9.6 oz it will feel as if it disappears on your rifle until you need it.

The body is fully-welded Grade 5 Titanium. This provides excellent performance for magnum calibers and the firing schedules of most shooters and hunters. But let’s be real, no matter what others may say, titanium is not the material to use on your favorite machine gun while doing mag dumps with your buddies.

Like the original Nomad-30 it is compatible with our KeyMo mount, making it versatile and adaptable to many hosts. And with the weight savings, it further embraces the true nature of the Nomad. Travel lightly, and take only what you need. Nothing else comes close to the combined weight savings, strength, sound reduction, and accuracy of the Nomad-Ti.

Note: While titanium is incredibly strong it is susceptible to heat erosion. For optimum lifespan and enjoyable user experience, we recommend semi-auto fire only with 3 minute cool downs between mags to minimize operating at sustained high temps.

  • Rating: Up to .300 Norma Mag
  • Length: 6.5″
  • Weight: 9.5oz
  • Diameter: 1.75″
  • Materials: Fully Welded Titanium 6AI-4V
  • Finish: Raw Titanium Satin Bead-Blasted
  • Mount: 5/8×24; KeyMo compatible

Merry Christmas, Boun Natale, God Jul, Hyvää Joulua, and Frohe Weihnachten to all our readers all over the world.  Thanks for reading TFB and hope this Christmas brings you all something to enjoy at the range!

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