Beretta SL3 Vittoria Alata

Beretta SL3 Vittoria Alata

The history of Beretta is connected to Vittoria Alata di Brescia (Brescia’s Winged Victory), a 1st-century bronze statue of a goddess, ever since this wonderful Roman-era work of art was discovered during archaeological excavations in Capitolium of Brixia ruins in 1826. It’s been a symbol and trademark of the world’s oldest arms manufacturer featured in the company’s logos, catalogs, manuals, competition trophies as well as on many products such as the S55 shotgun, promotional knives shipped with guns, and in the logo of Vittoria range of shotguns designed for female shooters.

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Continuing the tradition, Beretta created another masterpiece, an iteration of their SL3 premium over/under shotgun named and themed after Vittoria Alata di Brescia. The SL3 Vittoria Alata shotgun is handmade by Beretta’s master gunsmiths and is embellished with tasteful engravings with the Vittoria Alata statue gold inlaid in the bottom of the receiver and feathers engraved on the elegant wing-shaped side panels. The shotgun was revealed to the public on the same day the statue was returned to Brescia Museum after restoration in Florence.

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Beretta SL3 Vittoria Alata is chambered in 20 gauge with 3″ chambers. The 28″ barrels are fitted with a 6X6 rib and threaded for Beretta Optima-Choke HP chokes. Other features of SL3 boxlock shotguns include the robust barrel locking system with three anchoring points, supreme trigger mechanism that is used in Beretta competition shotguns, and improved ejectors. This shotgun comes in a handcrafted case with the Vittoria Alata di Brescia statue depicted inside it. Overall, Beretta takes pride in the SL3 family of shotguns stating that “the SL3 heralds a new era of Beretta premium shotguns, combining the finest Beretta technology available from our various product families“.

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Below is a video published by Beretta with the release of this shotgun, followed by a set of pictures showing this masterpiece from different angles.


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