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ATF Has Received Over 21,000 Comments on Pistol Brace Regulation…Is Yours One Of Them?

SB Tacical pistol stabilizing brace

ATF Has Received Over 21,000 Comments on Pistol Brace Regulation…Is Yours One Of Them? – The Truth About Guns

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SB Tacical pistol stabilizing brace

Courtesy SB Tactical

From Aero Precision:

The BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) recently released information on how they will be determining the legality of Pistol Stabilizing Braces and whether they should fall within the National Firearms Act. There are countless concerning angles to this topic, but we will try to get straight to the point.

The most recent notice outlines criteria that are judged purely on subjective determinations as opposed to definitive statements that clearly identify what does or does not constitute a legal configuration of a braced firearm. This leaves both firearms manufacturers and owners at the mercy of ad hoc judgement of the BATFE. It allows for case by case determinations by individual agents in which no manufacturer or gun owner, let alone the agent themselves, can reasonably know what is legal or illegal.

Aero Precision does not agree or support this type of re-interpretation in which millions of law-abiding gun owners can be affected, and worst case, turned in to criminals at no action of their own. This could also have a lasting and catastrophic impact on the firearms industry and American businesses like Aero Precision. Thousands of jobs will be lost and the estimated economic impact to our industry eclipses 1 billion dollars over the next year alone. We urge you to review the BATFE’s most recent proposal, get informed, and take immediate action.


  • First and foremost, visit the link below and comment by January 4, 2021. This topic is currently open for comment on the Federal Register. It has been conveniently opened for comment over the holiday season and is a very short 14 day window. Keep comments professional and double check all information as improper comments will be discarded.
  • SHARE this information with everyone you know. This determination has an impact well outside Pistol Stabilizing Braces. It affects us all.
  • Write your local and state representatives and tell them you do not support this type of action.
  • Support the Firearms Regulatory Accountability Coalition (FRAC)

We appreciate your support of our company, our industry and most of all our rights as Americans. We will continue to stand against the constant unjust actions against the 2nd Amendment and hope you will do the same.

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