Renegauge TrueTimber Prairie Camouflage Now Available from Savage

Renegauge TrueTimber Prairie Camouflage Now Available from Savage

Savage Arms has unveiled the latest camouflage pattern for their RENEGAUGE shotgun, for those that live throughout the West and Midwest locations of North America. The RENEGAUGE shotgun has been a popular choice for waterfowl hunters across the nation and now it is available straight from the factory with the new TrueTimber Prairie Camouflage. Full press release details are below.

Renegauge TrueTimber Prairie Camouflage Now Available from Savage

Renegauge TrueTimber Prairie Camouflage Now Available from Savage

December 09, 2020 – WESTFIELD, Massachusetts  – Savage Arms is proud to announce a brand-new look for RENEGAUGE. The American made 12 gauge that won Guns & Ammo Magazine’s Shotgun of the Year and Wildfowl Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award is now available in TrueTimber Prairie.

“Over the past year, RENEGAUGE has proven to be a versatile platform,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms. “And TrueTimber’s Prairie is a versatile camouflage pattern that’s ideal for the arid landscapes of the west and Midwest, and the barrel and receiver of this new RENEGAUGE are coated in a light-tan Cerakote® that protects as well as it blends in.”

RENEGAUGE is ideal for wingshooters. At the core of RENEGAUGE’s success is the Dual Regulation Inline Valve system (D.R.I.V.). Both low-brass target shells and Magnum hunting shells will cycle the action with the same reliability and without any adjustment from the shooter. The fluting on the barrel helps create a well-balanced gun that swings exceptionally well, and the RENEGAUGE’s protective coatings and finishes create a gun that can withstand any conditions.


  • D.R.I.V. gas system
  • TrueTimberPrairie Camo stock adjustable for length of pull, comb height, drop and cast
  • One-piece, chrome plated action bar assembly
  • Chrome plated reciprocating components
  • Stock rod buffer to reduce felt recoil
  • Fluted barrel with Cerakote finish
  • Carbon steel ventilated rib with red fiberoptic sight
  • Competition-ready easy loading magazine port
  • Oversized controls
  • 3 interchangeable flush mount choke tubes (Beretta/Benelli) – IC, M, F
  • Hard-sided carrying case

RENEGAUGE is currently available in three other configurations:

RENEGAUGE Field: For an all-around work horse that can go anywhere and cycle anything, nothing beats RENEGAUGE Field.

RENEGAUGE Waterfowl: With its Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades pattern and 28” barrel, this RENEGAUGE is ideal for duck season.

RENEGAUGE Turkey: Turkey hunters will appreciate the extra concealment offered by this RENEGAUGE’s Mossy Oak Bottomland camo and the maneuverability of its 24” barrel.

Renegauge TrueTimber Prairie Camouflage Now Available from Savage

Photo: (firearm pictured is for camouflage demonstration only)

Prairie camouflage is quite unique as far as patterns go in the United States and probably for good reason – there are only about 2 million acres of prairie land in the United States making it a fairly unique location for hunters of all kinds. TrueTimber Prairie in my opinion can make any firearm look right at home in the dirt and mud out on the range which is where I anticipate most hunters will be taking these new shotguns.

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