Competition shooters are on a constant lookout for products that save them time during a course of fire (or products they think or hope will save them time). Over the years, Armanov have developed several interesting products both for sports shooters and reloaders. Their latest product is perhaps narrow in terms of the potential customer base, as it fits the Rainier Arms Rasub 9×19 mm PCC rifle only.

The new magwell increases the insertion area by 300% compared to the original, similar to the new Taran Tactical 2011 Ultimate Magwell. The idea is that you can keep your eyes on the target and around you, and just go by muscle memory when you insert the magazine. If you get it a little bit wrong, the magwell will help you guide the magazine to where it supposed to end up, so you can continue shooting.

Although I’m not sure, I assume that this magwell is 3D printed in the latest HP printers. Quality should still be outstanding, but not as good as an injection molded part.

Here’s how Armanov describes their new magwell:

Reload significantly faster and more reliable with this magwell for Rainier Arms Rasub 9mm PCC rifle. It increases the insertion area to 300% compared to original and keeps your focus on the target rather than on trying to find the opening with the magazine.

This magwell will fit Rainier Arms Rasub 9mm PCC rifle.

Made from super durable solid Nylon, not only will it not damage rifle’s finish, but will also protect it.

Installation is super-simple and tool-less. Just slide it on from front onto the mag opening and secure it in place by inserting the supplied plug. That’s it.

The price is $59 or €59 depending on which site you order from. Thankfully, Armanov has a shop for the USA here, and one for European clients here. More online stores should do the same.

Armanov’s 9 mm Equalizer PCC Compensator might be of interest for PCC shooters as well. And if you shoot a lot, then perhaps you’re a reloader as well? Check out the 9mm / 38 Super Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds or these Stackable Case Gauge for 223 Rem by Armanov, or the ones for .300 AAC Blackout. I use my Case Gauge for .38 Super Comp all the time.

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