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FULL CONCEAL, Maker of the Folding GLOCK Pistol, Files for Bankruptcy

Full Conceal foldable firearm

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FULL CONCEAL, inventors of the fold-in-half pistol that nobody needed, wanted, or asked for, has unfortunately filed for bankruptcy. Despite my snark, it truly is unfortunate, if not unforeseen.

Screenshot from Inforuptcy

I shot a few of FULL CONCEAL’s designs, both pistol and carbine conversion, and was surprised at how solid and well-sorted they were. If they put together such nice guns but didn’t chop the grip in half and make it fold and sh*t I might have been a buyer.

At any rate, it’s sad to see any small business go under. Innovation ain’t for wimps, isn’t always safe, and they made a good run at it.



Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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