Gun Free School Zone sign

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Gun Free School Zone sign

By Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA – Drug Free and Gun Free, CC BY 2.0 

Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio — who has an A rating from the NRA — has announced that he’ll be pushing legislation to ban the carry of firearms on school grounds on a national level.

If you’re thinking this is already a thing, it isn’t. The 1990 federal law can be gotten around by states and cities. For example, at my daughter’s school a number of teachers and the principal carry concealed. Ruggerio’s ban would change that.


“Unless you are an officer of the law and required to carry it, I don’t see why anyone has any business carrying a gun on school property where there are young people,” Ruggerio said during a wide-ranging year-end interview with the Globe. “I just think it’s a recipe for disaster.”

Ruggerio called his proposed legislation, which would make an exception for law enforcement and school-hired security officers, “a priority for the Senate.”

He isn’t alone, either. Ruggerio is backed by quite a few others including Governor Gina Raimondo. Who is Raimondo? Well:

“[Raimondo] took executive action in 2018 to ban guns on school grounds, but she told the Globe on Friday that codifying that ban in law is her top priority for gun bills in 2021.”

“Raimondo said she is hopeful that the change in House leadership will result in closing the “loophole” that allows concealed carrying of weapons on school grounds. “Teachers and students are struggling,” she said. “At bare minimum, they deserve to know that they are in a gun-free zone when in school.”

Yes, because “gun-free” zones have always been so famously effective. Raimondo said another priority of hers is banning of “assault-style” weapons.”

We all know what a gun-free zone really is — it’s a shooting gallery for criminals. I’m thrilled to know there are armed staff members at my daughter’s school and there are lots of other schools like it across the country. If control of the US Senate flips after the Georgia runoffs, we could see the same thing proposed nationwide.

What do you think, should qualified individuals be allowed to carry on school grounds? Whether they should or not, should this be decided at the federal, state, local, or individual school level? Do you think the government should get involved in deciding what a “qualified individual” is?


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