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Christmas 2020.  Now that you’ve opened presents and enjoyed a Christmas feast, welcome to TTAG.  Just for fun, would you share with your fellow POTG what you decided to pack on this special day?

Yes, I know someone out there is probably dreaming about packing their bags and leaving the relatives’ house early.  Or maybe you have pulled it off and are already headed home.  I’ve been there myself years ago.  Not this year though.

On my hip today is the usual GLOCK 19 pictured above primarily because it’s my everyday carry gun.  I left the extra mags in the bedroom because I’m at home on COVID quarantine.


The short version of my tale of woe:  We visited my side of the family yesterday.  The day began with a repeated loss of bowel and bladder control (not mine).  From there, we witnessed a generous helping of emesis (look it up) at the Christmas dinner table just as the family meal was served.  Followed up with the fire department and amberlamps to close out the evening taking one to the hospital.

Yes, the cherry on top was an older member of the family showing all the symptoms of the Shanghai Shivers except for loss of taste and smell.

Oh, it made me long for the days of dry, over-cooked turkey and other hit or mostly miss delicacies because the family patriarchs (and matriarchs) had a little lot too much Crown and Captain the night before.

So my fam spent today at home on self-isolation to minimize the risk to the lovely bride’s side of the family.

Hope my fellow intelligentsia had a better Christmas and that Santa brought you some of the things you wished for.

So, please share your Christmas 2020 story and what you’re packing in comments.

Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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