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How Are You Locating Ammunition These Days?

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9mm ammunition ammo

Dan Z. for TTAG

A little Googling reveals that not only does Palmetto State Armory have Winchester white box ammo in stock today (50-round boxes of 124gr pills for $33.99 each), but they also have 115gr aluminum-cased Blaser for $29.99. You don’t see many online outlets with two in-stock options for 9mm ammo these days.

We always have our eye out for in-stock ammo as do many of you. If you’re going to keep your skills up, you’re going to have to shoot. That means using ammunition. Even if your inventory is currently in good shape, at some point you’ll want to replace what you’ve been using over time.

Are you buying local when you can? Scouring the internet on a daily basis? Where are you finding your gun food?

Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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