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Michael Bloomberg Discovers He Can’t Buy More Gun Control

Mark Robinson

Michael Bloomberg Discovers He Can’t Buy More Gun Control – The Truth About Guns

Mark Robinson

Courtesy Mark Robinson for NC

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[T]he $60 million Bloomberg spent to support Democrats in House races across the country gained the party nothing. Not only did no Republican incumbent lose a seat in the House of Representatives, the Democrats lost at least a dozen seats in the lower chamber to GOP challengers.

Even the $60 million Bloomberg spent pushing gun-control candidates through his organization Everytown for Gun Safety had little to no effect. This year saw a record for new gun ownership in America: Five million are now gun owners, with 40 percent of them women.

Bloomberg’s spokespeople did not return calls for comment, but one of his top political advisers, Kevin Sheekey, told the Associated Press last month: “At the end of the day, a win is a win and Joe Biden will take office in January and Donald Trump will leave. We feel quite good about … the end result.”

At the same time, there is no denying that Bloomberg’s Goliath attempts to conquer every level of American politics this year fell to scores of Davids across the country — including Mark Robinson.

“I chuckled to myself about this on more than one occasion,” Robinson said. “Michael Bloomberg lives in an ivory tower in one of the greatest cities in the world. This guy has billions of dollars and here he is trying to take out little old Mark Robinson. It really is bizarre and if you wrote this as a movie, nobody would believe it. But here we are.”

— Salena Zito in How Mark Robinson beat Bloomberg’s billions to win NC’s second-highest office

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