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Port Arthur Texas Man Uses Rifle to Kill One of Three Home Invaders Holding His Family at Gunpoint

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Remember, no one needs a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. That message has been regurgitated by all of the smartest people, so it must be true. Right?

Maybe we should find out what an un-named Port Arthur, Texas man thinks about limiting magazine capacity and preventing individuals from using every tool available to defend their families.


A 29-year-old man in Port Arthur shot and killed one of three people holding his family at gunpoint in their own home, police said. …

Port Arthur Police detectives found three armed men had forced their way into the house and held a family at gunpoint right after a woman who lived in the house came home, according to news releases.

The 29-year-old homeowner heard the commotion and came out of another room with a rifle to confront the robbers and protect his young children, Port Arthur Police said in news releases. He fired several shots at one of the men, who died. The other two suspects fled the area before officers arrived at the scene.

How many rounds did the home owner fire? How many would have been needed if the other two suspects hadn’t taken off when their partner in crime was being ventilated? (Oh, and what are the odds that the “rifle” mentioned in the story was one of those black, scary-looking models?)

The incident is still under investigation by the Port Arthur PD, but this appears to be a clear-cut case of self-defense. One that was facilitated by a (most likely) semi-automatic firearm that packs plenty of rounds, enough to respond the three attackers.


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