Picture right: Senator Kelly Loeffler. (Photo: Loeffler campaign)

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With the January 5th Georgia run-off and its enormous importance looming, it’s important to remember something: Senator Kelly Loeffler’s challenger, Raphael Warnock, is anti-gun. Loeffler has warned of Warnock’s anti-gun stance (via AJC):

“Raphael Warnock is the most radically anti-gun candidate in America who for decades has actively fought to roll back the 2nd Amendment and eliminate Georgians’ right to bear arms,” -Sen. Kelly Loeffler website, Nov. 16.

Loeffler has included support of gun rights in her lengthy campaign while Warnock — who’s been enthusiastically backed by groups like Giffords — supports restricting the right to keep and bear arms. While Warnock conspicuously excludes is from his campaign’s issues page, Loeffler’s been insistent that a vote for Warnock is a vote for losing your guns:

“They want to take away our guns,” [Loeffler] said of Democrats during a Dec. 6 debate with Warnock at the Atlanta Press Club earlier this month.

Warnock has taken to Twitter in the past stating he has “eulogized victims of gun violence” and “never wants to do it again.”

Among Warnock’s anti-gun moves, there’s this:

[Loeffler reminded voters that in] 2014…Warnock campaigned against multiple Georgia bills that would allow weapons to be carried in churches, bars, government buildings and on college campuses.

Having Warnock in the US Senate would mean a reliable vote for literally any and all gun control measures that come up for a vote.

““We reject the notion that more guns held by more people will magically make our communities safer,” Warnock said at the time. That same year, his church held a gun buy-back event to get weapons off the streets, the AJC reported.”

Overall Warnock has stated he will take measures to end “gun violence” without getting too far into details of just what that means. That’s a warning right there. Just a friendly reminder that your vote matters, however you cast it. In Georgia your vote can and will affect the entire nation, because a great deal is riding on the outcome of this runoff.

No pressure or anything.

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