Scharfschützen – snipers in German is the theme for this Photo Of The Day. The photo above is pretty cool, with the .300 Win Mag just leaving the muzzle on its journey.

From the caption, written by Elisabeth Rabe, and machine translated:

It is a strategy of the military: the enemy is at the mercy of the shooter once he has him in his sights. The two are often hundreds of meters apart. If the shot breaks, it will come out of nowhere and the soldier will remain undetected. And yet everyone knows who it was: a sniper.

The sniper and the spotter working together, using the G22 (Gewehr 22) which is an AI AWM-F (AI-Arctic Warfare Magnum) chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. The riflescope is from Steiner Optics.

POTD: German Snipers with the G22 in .300 Win Mag

According to the Bundeswehr, the effective range is up to 1,100 m (1,203 yards) with the setup. Below you can see it with a suppressor and B&T Industries bipod.

POTD: German Snipers with the G22 in .300 Win Mag

All photos by The German Bundeswehr and Maximilian Schulz (Source)

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