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Screencap via YouTube courtesy Minneapolis Police Department

In the land of George Floyd, new protests kicked off last week after Minneapolis police shot a man who tried to kill them. Dolal Idd, aged old enough to know better, tried to escape a police traffic stop by ramming cars. Then, when boxed in, police bodycam videos showed the driver’s window exploding outward as a result of a gunshot fired from within the car.

Maybe Mr. Idd thought the officers wouldn’t use force to defend their own lives after the George Floyd riots. Maybe he thought he could shoot his way out of a confrontation with multiple officers with their guns drawn. Either way, Idd thought wrong.

On the bright side, Minneapolis Police showed amazing restraint before returning fire, shooting Mr. Idd multiple times and stopping the threat. Meanwhile, a female passenger escaped unharmed despite the fusillade of fire directed against her companion.

The righteous nature of the shooting didn’t stop the usual suspects from turning out in protest of the police defending their lives from a very criminal violent attack.

From ABC News…

Protesters took to the streets on Thursday, following the police shooting death of 23-year-old Dolal Idd in the same neighborhood where George Floyd died in May.

“We are angry right now, we are frustrated right now, because we said ‘No’ after George Floyd was killed, but it didn’t take long until another body fell,” protester Jaylani Hussein told Minneapolis ABC affiliate KSTP Thursday night.

Fox 9 reports that Mr. Idd was wanted in connection with a felony weapons investigation.

Police say the man who was shot was suspected in a felony weapons investigation but were unable to further elaborate on the case. The chief also says a gun was found in the vehicle.

The dead perp’s father says the shooting was an example of “police brutality.”

From Fox 9:

Thursday, family members identified the man who was shot as 23-year-old Dolal Idd. Speaking with FOX 9, Idd’s father Bayle Gelle questioned the police account of the events leading up to his son being shot.

“I feel really sad. This is police brutality,” Gelle said. “When they see a man, they kill him. They don’t even know why.”

Unfortunately for the narrative being put forward by Mr. Idd’s father, the police bodycam recorded what actually happened. Here’s a real-time video of the event.

Ian Miles Cheong has a version where the video is slowed at the critical moment when the driver opens fire upon police.

If Mr. Idd had simply followed officer’s commands at the gas station, he would likely have only faced a night or two in jail at most. Instead, he chose a different path.

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