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Klotz: Citizens Don’t Need to Have ‘Assault Weapons’

AR-15 rifle

Klotz: Citizens Don’t Need to Have ‘Assault Weapons’ – The Truth About Guns

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AR-15 rifle

Dan Z. for TTAG

Tagged “The Slug Gun Doctor,” by one outdoors writer, [gunsmith Dave] Klotz has been written up numerous times over the years in outdoors and gun-related publications, including Shooting Times, Guns and Ammo, Buckmasters and Deer and Deer Hunting and Outdoor Life magazines, along with various newspaper articles. A number of the articles are on display on the walls of his business.

He said he was the first to come up with a fluorescent fiber optic sight for handguns and his scope mount for shotguns has been patented. At one point, Klotz added, he was tapped to help test firearms for the U.S Olympic shooting team to ensure firearms were up to specifications at competitions. …

Today he specializes in long guns (shotguns, rifles, skeet and trap shooting guns and muzzleloaders).

“I stopped doing handguns because of all the requirements of New York State. They’ll drive you nuts,” he said. “And I don’t do assault weapons. I don’t want anything to do with those guns. I don’t believe that citizens need to have them.”

— David Figura in The ‘Slug Gun Doctor’: Well-known CNY gunsmith still going strong at 82

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