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You’ve wanted to add a red dot sight to your everyday carry pistol, but it’s not that easy. First, your slide’s not milled to mount a red dot. Second, most pistol red dots aren’t made for small-framed carry guns. They’re big and bulky and you’ll have to buy a new holster.

The new Leupold DeltaPoint Micro solves those problems. The DeltaPoint Micro mounts in your GLOCK or Smith & Wesson M&P pistol’s rear sight dovetail. No milling required.

The DeltaPoint Micro also has a sleek, low profile design that’s perfect for everyday carry. It sits at the same height as your factory iron sights, aligning the red dot with your front sight. That makes it highly intuitive to use, giving you faster target acquisition and improved accuracy.

The DeltaPoint Micro’s unique design puts the battery compartment/brightness control behind the slide, meaning you won’t have to re-zero after a battery change. Eight brightness settings for the sight’s 3 MOA dot mean you get just the right visibility in any lighting conditions. And should it ever fail, the DeltaPoint Micro acts as a perfect ghost right sight, so your EDC gun is always ready when you need it.

And because the DeltaPoint Micro’s design is so is so unobtrusive, it will work with most holsters designed fro your carry pistol.

Like all Leupold products, the DeltaPoint Micro is built tough to stand up to everyday carry use. It has a rugged, recoil resistant aluminum housing and its fully enclosed design with Double DiamondCoat scratch resistant lenses make it resistant to dirt, moisture and debris.

Your everyday carry pistol should have the most effective sighting system available. Check out to see all the features of the innovative new DeltaPoint Micro red dot sight today.

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