under arrest hand cuffs criminal

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under arrest hand cuffs criminal


Welcome to 2021. For those of you out there who have not made a resolution to pack heat every day for personal defense, here’s a fact to consider. Police make arrests in just 11% of major crimes nationwide. Here’s another factoid.  Only 2% of major crimes result in a conviction of the guilty party.

There are a host of reasons for low arrest and conviction rates. Everything from Soros-backed prosecutors arbitrarily declining to prosecute serious cases to a “no snitch” culture in some neighborhoods. Put these together and you get Chicago and its roughly 13% closure rate on homicide cases. .

The Chicago Reporter does some great investigative journalism and shares this…

As Americans across the nation protest police violence, people have begun to call for cuts or changes in public spending on police. But neither these nor other proposed reforms address a key problem with solving crimes.

My recent review of 50 years of national crime data confirms that, as police report, they don’t solve most serious crimes in America. But the real statistics are worse than police data show. In the U.S. it’s rare that a crime report leads to police arresting a suspect who is then convicted of the crime.

The data show that consistently over the decades, fewer than half of serious crimes are reported to police. Few, if any arrests are made in those cases.

In reality, about 11% of all serious crimes result in an arrest, and about 2% end in a conviction. Therefore, the number of people police hold accountable for crimes – what I call the “criminal accountability” rate – is very low.

The Chicago Reporter scribe goes on to say that fully half of serious crimes aren’t even reported to police.

Police can only work on solving crimes they are aware of, and can only report statistics about their work based on criminal behavior they know about. But there is a huge slice of crime police never find out about.

By comparing surveys of the public with police reports, it’s clear that less than half of serious violent felonies – crimes like aggravated assault and burglary – ever get reported to the police.

A whole lot of people think that police deter serious violent crime. In a sense they do, however law enforcement’s primary job consists of acting as armed historians. Figuring out what happened after the fact.

Ultimately, the person who is most likely to save you and your family from violent attack is the person looking back at you in the mirror in the morning, not someone in uniform. Concealed carry can save your life, especially in this time when fewer arrests, fewer arrestees held in lieu of posting meaningful bail, and prosecutors are turning a blind eye to charging all but the most egregious cases.

Pack your gun everywhere you legally can. Take the advice from the old American Express commercials; don’t leave home without it.

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