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Crimson Trace Launches 50 – Fifty! – New Scopes For 2021

Two lines of Crimson Trace scopes are headed to a store near you (or CT’s webstore) this year. Between them, we’re talking 50 new scopes under the Crimson Trace brand.

“HARDLINE” scopes are designed for tactical and competition use, while “BRUSHLINE” units are geared for hunting. All include some or all of the features seen in the image above, with the “Pro” variants within each line including upgraded features such as zero-stops, illuminated reticles, first focal plane options, etc.

Photos and details are not yet available outside of the images seen in the video above. Once Crimson Trace releases the stats, options, and MSRPs for their dozens of new optics we’ll run a follow-up.

A full 17 reticle options will be available within these 50 scopes, including a whole lot of BDC (bullet drop compensation) options.

Furthermore, it appears that CT will be launching a ballistic calculator, called the “Trace Ballistic Calculator,” fairly soon as well. This will provide shooting solutions for Crimson Trace’s custom reticles.

More info will follow.


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