224 valkyrie

224 valkyrie

The .224 Valkyrie cartridge has been around for a few years now to give distance shooters a smaller cartridge offering in the MSR (modern sporting rifle) platform to compete with all of the larger cartridge AR-10 shooters. To feed that niche of long-range shooting, Federal Premium has debuted NEW Gold Medal Sierra Tipped Matchking ammunition in 224 Valkyrie for all of the shooters launching that relatively new, hot-rod cartridge. All of the specifications for the NEW Gold Medal Sierra Tipped Matchking ammunition can be read below as presented by Federal Premium:

  • Acetal resin tip maximizes ballistic coefficient and improves feeding
  • Less wind drift and drop
  • World-class long-range accuracy
  • Gold Medal match primer
  • New 77-grain 224 Valkyrie
    • 224 Valkyrie 77 Grain Sierra Tipped MatchKing | GM224VLKTMK

This ammunition comes in standard 20-count packaging and has an MSRP of $36.99 per box. With so many people clamoring for .223 Rem/5.56 NATO in bulk for their modern sporting rifles, the year of 2021 could be the year that .224 Valkyrie finally takes off. Federal explains this new selection of ammunition below in their press release statement:

Watch your name climb the leaderboard with the new Gold Medal® Sierra® Tipped MatchKing®. The bullet is built like the original MatchKing, with a streamlined profile, optimized boat-tail and concentric jacket, but its polymer tip reduces drag, boosts ballistic coefficient and improves feeding in magazine-fed firearms. Now available in 77-grain 224 Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie cartridge is gaining more backing from bolt-action and modern sporting rifle manufacturers every day which is only fueling the opportunity for more shooters to jump in on this still relatively new cartridge. Have you fired the Valkyrie at distance yet? Do you own a Savage Arms MSR or Masterpiece Arms bolt-action? Would you send this ammunition through your rifle? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

224 valkyrie

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