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Another Word About Our Comment Section . . .

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Back in 2019, I published a post on TTAG’s comment section and our policy regarding off topic comments, flame wars, etc. All of that still applies and I’d encourage you to read through it (here) if you’re interested.

Another wrinkle that’s cropped up in recent months is people posting (or being accused of posting) comments using other commenters’ names. To be clear, if we find that happening, the IP address of the person commenting using another another reader’s ID will be banned from posting in the comment section.

If you want to ensure that no one can do that to you, the solution is easy…use an avatar for your comments.

Default avatar

Custom avatar

If you want to add an avatar to your comments, the process is easy. Go to and upload a photo, graphic, whatever image you want. That will automatically add your avatar to comments you post here and make any attempt by someone to post under your name instantly obvious.


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