Since 2014, TFB has been publishing the Photo Of The Day (POTD) series of daily articles and many great photos and stories have passed over the years. Today we have a mixture of firearms from Italy: The Beretta 1301 Tactical Gen2 in 12 gauge and the Beretta APX in 9×19 mm, all in FDE.

Schrombo, the author of the photo says:

When you’re going after those pesky, yet elusive zombies, that’s generally no excuse for lack of style or lack of a theme for your equipment
So here you go: meet my new Beretta 1301 Tactical 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun and the matching Beretta APX 9mm pistol. Because FDE everything
And I think that I may have found my new personal favorite shotgun! The Beretta 1301 (this is the Gen2 that does away with the Gen1 shortcomings) is short, lightweight and has a gas system that works with every kind of ammo you can throw at it. Then it comes with a short picatinny rail for mounting the red dot sight of your choice in addition to a very sturdy and fully adjustable ghost ring sight. All controls (safety, bolt release and bolt handle) are oversized and easily manipulated even when wearing gloves. The stock has a rather short LOP, which makes it perfect when wearing body armor. And it’s available in FDE.
I will add an Aimpoint Micro using an Aridus Industries cowitnessing mount and have already ordered a Nordic Components mag extension for this sand-colored beauty of a shotgun

Picture used with permission thanks to Schrombo – check his Instagram out in the link.

Recently it was announced that Brazil ordered 159,000 Beretta APX Pistols.


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