TFB’s Photo Of The Day, the One And Only. Today we’re proud to show you some unique pictures. Please take your time to admire what’s on here. These firearms are owned by a private enthusiast, and I think it took some time, money, thinking and effort to get to this point. Dedication at its best.

The short KAC is an M110C and the long KAC is a USMC M110. The long wood furniture SVD above is Chinese Norinco NDM86. The short SVD is an Izhmash TIGR.

The black SVD is Russian Izhmash.

The owner of the collection also sent me this flyer to remind us what’s included.


Given the choice – which one of these four rifles would you rather have? What would your sniper dream collection look like?

Thanks to the person who helped us with today’s POTD

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