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By MarkPA

The Presidential race for 2020 seems to have wound up with a Trump loss and a Biden win. Now what?

Many gun owners probably hold that the election was stolen. The courts sat on their hands. The legislatures of the battleground states certified the votes. And the Congress chose to look away rather than look into the evidence of fraud.

Whether any further investigation of that evidence occurs in the forthcoming weeks or months remains to be seen. There is little reason for optimism.

The run-off races in Georgia are over. We now have Democrat control of the executive branch and both chambers of the legislative branch. Any hope for maintaining conservative control of the judicial branch will be short-lived. A pack-the-Court campaign is under way and may very well succeed. It is a virtual certainty that none of these three branches of our federal government will lift a finger to secure the integrity of future elections.

We should pray we are not yet at the threshold of politics by other means. But what is the way forward within the channels of politics by regular order?

The problem, it seems, lies in the hands of the states’ legislatures, i.e., to secure the integrity of their respective electoral processes, both federal and state election processes. The failure in 2020 must be laid at the feet of those who are responsible…the states’ legislatures. Especially the legislatures of the battleground states.

These legislatures – which is to say legislators – could fix these problems. If only they would be inspired to do their duty. They didn’t do it in 2020. Perhaps they were just hoping for the best. Or they were lazy, or distracted, or their failure was due to some other cause I fail to imagine.

In any case, all politics is local. If we gun owners (and conservatives of all stripes) are to preserve the republic, we must act locally on our respective state legislators. We must persuade them to fix the flaws in their respective state election process laws or pay the price. That price is to face determined opposition in forthcoming primaries.

At this juncture, nothing else matters. It matters not at all whether a park is built or roads are paved in our state electoral districts. It matters only that Republican (and any remaining Democrats who believe in real democracy) fix and enforce their respective state election laws. Restoring Americans’ faith in the electoral process is more important than any other issue facing the country now.

I earnestly ask here: Is there any other avenue to restoring democracy in America? Should any reader think of some alternative avenue, please publicize it. Should we fail to identify a means forward through regular political order then what remains? For us to simply oil the locks of our chains? Or locks of some other type?

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