Fierce Firearms CT RIVAL (1)

Fierce Firearms CT RIVAL (1)

Fierce Firearms has released a new flagship version of their Rival bolt action rifle called CT Rival. The new rifle features a carbon fiber stock and titanium action which reduce the overall weight making it “the lightest hard-working rifle in the Fierce lineup” as described by Fierce Firearms. Depending on the caliber, CT Rival weighs 5.8 – 6.2 lbs which is 0.7 lbs less on both extremes of the weight range compared to the 6.5 – 6.9 lbs weight of standard Rival rifles. Let’s see what other features the CT Rival packs.

Fierce Firearms CT RIVAL (2)

The titanium bolt of Fierce Firearms CT Rival rifle has a 70-degree throw and dual-plunger ejector which in conjunction with the mini claw extractor provides a horizontal ejection pattern. The Fierce Tech C3 carbon fiber stock is fitted with a rubber buttpad and a bipod rail section at the very front of the forearm. The rifle comes with a Bix’n Andy trigger which pull weight can be adjusted within 1 to 3 lb range. The CT Rival rifle is also equipped with Fierce Firearms’ C3 carbon wrapped barrel. The company guarantees that this rifle will be capable of .5 MOA accuracy at 100 yards.

The action of CT Rival rifle is Cerakoted with Black, Tungsten Gray and Midnight Bronze color options available. The stock has four standard camouflage pattern options (Forest, Blackout, Phantom, Blaze) and two patterns (Kuiu Vias and Kuiu Verde) offered for an additional $160.

Fierce Firearms CT RIVAL colors

The Fierce Firearms CT Rival rifle is available in the following caliber, barrel length and twist rate options:

  • 6.5 Creedmoor (twist: 1-8 | barrel: 20″ & 24″)

  • 6.5 PRC (twist: 1-8 | barrel: 22″ & 24″)

  • 7mm Rem (twist: 1-8.5 | barrel: 24″ & 26″)

  • .300 Win Mag (twist: 1-9 | barrel: 24″)

  • .300 PRC (twist: 1-9 | barrel: 24″)

  • .300 RUM (twist: 1-9 | barrel: 26″)

Fierce Firearms CT RIVAL (1)

At this point, I think it is clear that a rifle with the above-described features is not going to be cheap. The MSRP of Fierce Firearms CT Rival rifle is $3,150. The company states that they “give you the best custom rifle at a price that is affordable and worth every penny of your hard earned dollar“.

Pictures by Fierce Firearms,

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