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Instead of continually telling Americans how he plans to defeat the threat of, say, communist China, Joe Biden has repeatedly pledged to “defeat” America’s oldest civil rights organization. Like a broken record, Beijing Joe Biden (or more likely, his handlers) did it again in response to a tweet by Gabby Giffords on Friday.

Yeah, if you believe that Joe Biden composed and “post” on that at 4:06pm on Friday, January 8th, then we should talk about some Florida real estate deals.

Biden’s plans, if implemented, will have a disparate impact on the poor and working class Americans. They would make criminal violence even worse. In other, the little people will suffer the most from gun control while the wealthy and powerful, who supported and voted for these new laws, work behind armed guards.

Meanwhile, this year mark’s the NRA’s 150th year as America’s oldest and longest-running civil rights organization.  But Joe Biden needs someone to attack since his family is bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party.

BizPacReview has the story.

In a declaration that is certain to upset throngs of gun owners, President-elect Joe Biden has declared that he’ll “defeat” the National Rifle Association during his term.

In response to a tweet from former Rep. Gabby Gifford (D-Ariz.), who was one of 14 people shot in January 2011 during an event in Tucson and whose husband, Democrat Mark Kelly, just won a U.S. Senate seat, Biden’s official account pledged to “defeat the NRA.”

“Ten years ago, my life and my community changed forever. I was shot in the head, six people were killed, 12 others injured. But the attack did not break me—or the people I represented in Congress. We came together, turned pain into purpose, and found hope in each other,” Giffords wrote on the anniversary of the attack by shooter [scumbag’s name redacted].

“Your perseverance and immeasurable courage continue to inspire me and millions of others. I pledge to continue to work with you—and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country—to defeat the NRA and end our epidemic of gun violence,” Biden’s account noted in response.

The “epidemic” of gun violence?  More like gang violence in Democrat-run big cities across the country. But don’t let that dirty little secret get out or you might find your Twitter account shut down.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

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The sad fact is that African Americans and other minorities in urban areas are drowning in gang violence. Instead of giving them a life preserver, Biden and his Democrat allies want to toss them a bar bell by restrict the right of the law-abiding to keep and bear arms in order to defend themselves and their families.

Biden (and President-in-waiting Harris) would rather demagogue the NRA and keep inner city residents shackled on the gun control plantation. Welcome to fundamental transformation.


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