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The Deplatforming Continues – GoDaddy Boots

The assault by power-drunk tech giants on topics, viewpoints and subject matters that don’t conform with the current approved, bien pensant orthdoxy continues. ARFCOM has just posted this tweet announcing that GoDaddy has booted them from their service. Because they can.

The site appears to be up for now. We’ve spoken to Brownells which owns for comment, but they’re still dealing with the situation and don’t have an official comment yet.

Do tech companies think that ghetto-izing viewpoints and thought on the internet will somehow bring about the unity and brotherly love that the desiccated husk of Joe Biden keeps proclaiming is his one goal? Do they think that the heightened levels of animosity and distrust will be lessened by more moves to silence individuals and companies with opposing points of view? Do they even care?


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