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DeBrabander: Civilian Gun Rights Result in Lawlessness

fermin debrabander

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We haven’t heard much lately from our old pal, Fermin DeBrabander, but he’s back now, banging out the latest installment of the new smash hit that’s sweeping media nation: civilian gun rights result in violent insurrectionism.

Gun-rights extremists are hardly cowed by the prospect of facing the U.S. military. A popular essay that made the rounds in gun-rights circles a few years back is titled “Armed Revolution Possible, Not So Difficult.” Where on Earth did the author—Bill Bridgewater, the former director of the National Alliance of Stocking Gun Dealers—get this preposterous notion? From the Vietnam War. Bridgewater contends that the North Vietnamese demonstrated how ordinary citizens with little more than assault rifles could topple the world’s most sophisticated army. Never mind the fact that the U.S. lost the war for many complex reasons; for their efforts, the North Vietnamese endured immense suffering.

America’s suburban guerillas have conveniently overlooked the horror that could ensue from armed insurrection. When you inhabit a lawful society, and police and soldiers are constrained by the law—and you are white—it is easy to yell at them threateningly, wave guns in their face, and not fear mortal danger. It is easy, under those circumstances, to be “brave” and call for rebellion (an American tradition), not thinking through what you really ask for.

What our armed insurrectionists ask for—what they have unwittingly sown—is destruction of the rule of law. This is of course deeply ironic, since gun-rights advocates insist that they represent, and bolster, law and order. They’ve never understood that men with assault rifles slung over camouflaged shoulders are the avatar of lawlessness.

— Fermin DeBrabander in The Gun-Rights Movement Fed America’s Insurrectionist Fever Dreams

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