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Magpul’s New K2-XL Extra Large AR-15 Vertical Grip

magpul moe k2-xl grip

Magpul’s New K2-XL Extra Large AR-15 Vertical Grip – The Truth About Guns

magpul moe k2-xl grip

Courtesy Magpul

New from Magpul . . .

MOE® K2-XL Grip

Extra-large vertical grip

Designed for use with larger hands and to enhance precision shooting with an AR, the K2-XL Grip is similar to our MOE-K2® Grip – AR15/M4 but it’s nearly 25% bigger. It offers a more vertical grip angle to improve comfort and control on short LOP rifles where the primary hand is closer to the shooter’s body and enables proper finger placement in precision shooting to improve accuracy.

Its TSP texture increases positive weapon control, the front and rear serrations provide traction. The K2-XL brings modern styling and ergonomics to the AR platform in a larger size. The XL grip cap, oil bottle grip core, and mounting hardware are included, but other Magpul grip cores will not fit with the K2-XL grip cap.


  • Approximately 25% larger than MOE K2 Grip
  • More vertical angle provides optimal hand position for modern shooting techniques
  • Accepts proprietary XL grip cap and oil bottle grip core (not compatible with current grip cores)
  • TSP textured side panels and front and rear serrations provide positive traction and enhanced weapons control

MSRP – $23.95


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