Washington Governor and failed presidential candidate Jay Inslee.
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This weekend, Washington State’s failed presidential hopeful but current Gov. Jay Inslee has called out 750 National Guardsmen, with their guns, to protect the Governor’s Mansion. This is the same governor who slow-walked calling out the Guard week after week of this summer’s riots in Seattle.

From the Post Millennial:

According to a Post Millennial exclusive, during the armed occupation of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood last summer, Seattle city employees tasked with dealing with the occupied protest, asked for the National Guard, and were denied that help by Governor Inslee. Businesses and residents in the zone sent hundreds of emails to the Governor and local officials asking for help.

Eventually, after tens of millions in damages, burned up police cars and even stolen police patrol rifles, Inslee sent 200 unarmed Guardsmen to help restore some semblance of order in Seattle.

But now, with anticipated crowds demonstrating against his inept leadership, Inslee wasted no time deciding that a new Guard call-out was necessary.  And he wants them to bring their guns.

The Post Millennial has the story of epic hypocrisy from the failed presidential hopeful:

Friday, Washington State Democrat Governor Jay Inslee called up National Guard troops to protect the state Capitol campus, including the Governor’s mansion,  when the Legislature goes into session on Monday.

This comes in response to a pro-Trump rally in front of the state Capitol building on Wednesday, a few hours after the riot at the Capitol in Washington, DC. A group broke away from the larger demonstration in Olympia, WA, and forced their way onto the grounds of the Governor’s mansion…

Governor Inslee has ordered up to 750 members of the National Guard to help with security on Monday. The governor’s office said that at least some of the troops on duty Monday will have their weapons.

However, this summer when violent riots rocked downtown Seattle, Inslee sent National Guard troops to the area unarmed.

Isn’t it amazing how hard-left, anti-gun politicians seem so hands-off when it comes to protecting the little people, but when they perceive a threat to themselves and their families, they act to bring in all manner of armed protection.

It’s almost like they know that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy or gal with a gun.

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