KelTec P50

KelTec P50

During TFB’s GunFest 2021, we had the chance to talk with KelTec about their new P50 pistol, chambered in 5.7×28. Despite its unveiling last month, we were able to ask some of the most frequently asked questions about this newly designed KelTec P50 pistol. KelTec also expounded on some of the design features they worked into it. Let’s cover the specs first.

Keltec P50

KelTec P50 Specifications:

    • Caliber:                    5.7x28mm
    • Weight Unloaded:    3.2 lbs
    • Magazine Capacity: 50
    • Overall Length:        15″
    • Barrel Length:          9.5″
    • Barrel Threads:        1/2×28 TPI
    • Height:                      6.7″
    • Width:                       2″
    • Trigger Pull:              5.4 lbs
    • Safety:                      Ambi
    • MSRP:                      $995

It’s no secret that the KelTec P50 utilizes the tried and true FN P90 magazine, albeit from an inverted position compared to its Belgian counterpart. The working parts and barrel are made of steel, while the frame is polymer, and the hinged top cover is made of aluminum. The barrel is attached to the top cover, which helps to keep the sights closer to the bore, as well as facilitating an unobstructed space to replace the magazine. KelTec representatives further explained that there’s no safety issue when reloading on a loaded chamber since the trigger mechanism is housed within the frame and is rendered “dead” when the top cover is lifted.

KelTec P50 pistol

The 9.5-inch barrel should also provide very similar ballistics to the FN P90’s 10-inch barrel, all while remaining in pistol form. In regards to any future plans to make a braced, or short-barreled rifle (SBR) version of the P50, KelTec has decided that for the present, they won’t be offering any other accessories or braces. However, they explained that they worked out a quick brace adapter that utilized the rear quick detach sling point, so it is possible, but they decided to see what the aftermarket industry would come up with.KelTec hasn’t ruled out an SBR configuration in the future, but in the meantime, they recommended using a sling to get a more solid shooting position, which helped them make consistent hits out to 100 yards.

KelTec P50

The KelTec P50 should be available around late February or early March, with an MSRP of $995. The P50 will currently be available in black, but other traditional frame colors that KelTec offers may be available in the future. KelTec has plenty of FN-made 50 round magazines in stock to ship two magazines with each gun, but they’ve also been testing ProMag made magazines in the event that the FN supply dries up.

KelTec P50

James with TFB TV visited KelTec as part of TFB’s GunFest, and his interview with Chad at KelTec can be seen below:


You can view KelTec’s main website for more of the products they offer or follow them on Facebook or Instagram. What do you think about the new P50 pistol?

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