Next up from Magpul is something for the rear end of your rifle. We have already seen the MBUS 3 and their new K2 XL grip. Well alongside those Magpul is also releasing the new PRS LITE Stock.

The PRS stock has been very popular with precision shooters and people who prefer a solid stock. Magpul’s standard PRS stock is in its third generation and has an MSRP of $254.95, it weighs in at 27.8 oz. If you want a lighter fixed stock you could go with their MOE Fixed Stock or Carbine Stock. While they are cheaper at $69.95 and $29.95 respectively, they do not have the adjustability of the PRS stock.

The new PRS LITE Stock, however, checks all the boxes as a PRS stock but it’s lighter and more affordable. It weighs just 18 oz and will retail for $139.95 (MSRP).

The PRS LITE stock can be used on carbine or SR-25 buffer tubes. In order to keep costs down and the price tag at $139.95, you need an Allen wrench to adjust the comb and LOP.

Comb adjustment screw is accessed in the rear.

The butt of the stock is similar to the UBR stock, there is an underslung main body that moves independently from the cheek rest. The small hole between the two screws is where you insert an Allen wrench to loosen the stock and adjust LOP.

You can install QD Sling cups into the stock for a sling. There is also a sling loop for those of you who prefer a fixed sling. The PRS LITE stock does not have any mounting options for a rear monopod. However, the underside of the stock looks to be a decent bag rider.

For people who want an entry-level precision stock, the Magpul PRS LITE may be something to look into. It is cheaper than the PRS stock and gives you almost all of the same functionality for almost half the price.

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