For those with larger hands, Magpul Industries has doled out a brand new offering in the way of their MOE K2-XL grips which feature the same pattern as the standard K2 grip for the AR-15 rifle but upscaled by 25% in size to accommodate those with larger hands.

[TFB GUNFEST] MOE K2-XL Grip from Magpul Industries

[TFB GUN FEST] MOE K2-XL Grip from Magpul Industries

Designed for use with larger hands, the K2-XL Grip is similar to our MOE-K2® Grip – AR15/M4 but it’s nearly 25% bigger. A drop in upgrade for the AR15/M4, it offers a more vertical grip angle, improving comfort and control on short LOP rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body. The larger size of the grip also allows proper finger placement in precision shooting, helping improve accuracy.

With an aggressive TSP (Trapezoidal Surface Projections) texture for positive weapon control, front and rear serrations for traction, and a proprietary XL grip cap with an oil bottle grip core, the K2-XL brings modern styling and ergonomics to the AR platform in a larger size.

XL grip cap, oil bottle grip core, and mounting hardware included. Other Magpul grip cores will not fit with the K2-XL grip cap.

The MOE K2-XL Grip will be available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green.

Made in the U.S.A.

Once again, Magpul brought a live demo of their product out to TFB Gun Fest for us to get our hands on and I have to say that I never could have imagined the need for a larger K2 grip until the K2-XL was handed to me. The grip is surprisingly more comfortable and gives you the same grip angle but without the extra strain of curling up your hands. For me, it allowed me to put my finger in a more natural grip posture without having to adjust my hand around the grip. Even better is that the grip still retains the storage space inside and can accommodate the lube bottle insert from the standard K2 grip.

The new Magpul MOE K2-XL grip is available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green colors and retails for $23.95 from the Magpul website.

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