Recently we wrote about the Strike Industries M4 AR-15 Charging Handle. If you want to continue to pimp your firearm the time has now come for the internals: the buffer housing. The buffer pad is made of NBR rubber material to absorb the impact of the recoil and offers a possibility to fine-tune your gas system to your exact setup. The buffer housing is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion and comes in either anodized Blue or Red color.

Here’s how the company describe the buffer:

The Strike Industries AR Mil-Spec Buffer Housing gives the user a cost-effective means of customization while retaining functionality. The AR-15 buffer is often an overlooked part of the gas system that is needed to properly fine-tune your specific setup. This buffer housing is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and designed to fit Mil-Spec standard or carbine length receiver extensions/buffer tubes while also providing a level of customization. The SI AR Mil-Spec Buffer Housing is shipped without weights so that you can either replace your current housing, use existing weights or opt to purchase weights to refine the weapons gas system to your specific needs. The NBR rubber material buffer pad helps absorb impact and is secured by the included roll pin. By modulating the weight through the combination of tungsten, steel and aluminum weights, the user is given a cost-effective means of adjusting the weapons reciprocating mass, and thus the recoil experienced by the shooter with the Strike Industries AR Mil-Spec Buffer Housing.

The Strike Industries Mil-Spec buffer housing is compatible with 14mm (0.55″) diameter Mil-Spec buffer weights and spacers (maximum of 14.20mm) and Mil-Spec standard and carbine length receiver extensions.

Note that the product is a buffer housing only. To buy weights and spacers, Strike Industries have some links here. Typical suggested buffer weight setups are as follows: Carbine: 3.0 oz, H1: 3.8 oz, H2: 4.6-4.7 oz, H3: 5.0-5.4 oz, Pistol Caliber: 5.0-8.5 oz.

The price is $17.95. The package contains the buffer housing, buffer pad and roll pin.

Last time I fine-tuned an AR15 gas system (for competition) it was hard work I remember. What’s your experience?

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