The attacks on those who write about and advocate policies, politics, thoughts and ideas that are now considered unacceptable by the powers that be continues. It’s a process that has actually been going on for years in dribs and drabs, but began to pick up in earnest in the weeks leading up to the November election. Then, beginning last weekend, the Big Tech Purge accelerated in a big way.

Besides cancelling the President’s accounts — a move Twitter’s own hirsute generalissimo Jack has acknowledged sets a dangerous precedent — three tech giants conspired to euthanize growing Twitter competitor Parler. But as anyone who was paying attention knew, and with politicians cheering them on, the deplatforming didn’t stop there.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Michael Reynolds/Pool Photo via AP, File)

Here in the gunosphere, GoDaddy decided that a gun forum isn’t something that they could possibly support and cancelled the registration of They’ve since moved their registration and are back online. was the subject of mysterious attack that took them offline for a couple of days (they got back online last night). While that wasn’t a deplatforming by a social media or hosting company, the timing coincides nicely with attacks on other industry sites.

Then, late Monday afternoon, Facebook unpublished The Truth About Guns’ page. No warning or explanation was given and we haven’t been able to publish anything to our timeline there since. The matter has been escalated through the usual impenetrably opaque processes, but we’ve heard nothing and have to assume at this point that the Zuckerborg has no intention of restoring the account.

A campaigner from the global citizens movement Avaaz wearing a mask of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds a sign reading “Regulate me”, outside the European Commission on the day the Digital Services Act is published, on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020 in Brussels. (Olivier Matthys/AP Images for AVAAZ)

Our Twitter and Instagram accounts are still up, for now, for whatever that’s worth, but in the current climate, that isn’t likely to last for long. We were on Parler, but that’s now gone, possibly for good. We’re currently looking at other options to see if they make sense. The cancellations will apparently continue until all of the objectionable opinions and subject matter have been neutralized.

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