I attended Swarovski’s online press conference and apart from various binoculars the only new riflescope was an updated version of the dS 5-25×52. This is already an amazing product as it is, but things can always be improved upon and that is what Swarovski has done. Apart from a slimmer design and a new battery turret, it is now possible to choose between six different digital reticles. You can also configure which data you want to display.

If you haven’t tried a smart riflescope like this, please do if you get the chance. It’s really quite amazing to see the reticle move and show where you should hold to hit.

Here is the product announcement in full:

With the dS 5-25×52 P Gen. II, SWAROVSKI OPTIK is launching a new rifle scope that, like its predecessor, combines the optical quality of conventional sighting-in optics with the key benefits of a digital scope to create an impressive whole. The scope calculates the correct aiming pointat the touch of a button, taking into account the distance, air pressure, temperature, angle, magnification and personal ballistics data.

It is now possible to customize the hunting-related data on the high-resolution display using the dS Configurator app, for example the hunter can display six different digital reticles. Hunters can select which particular parameters (e.g. wind speed, bullet velocity, knock-down power) they want to see on the display, along with their position. Elements such as windage marks and the new alignment indicator can be switched on and off. The reticle illumination also has new features. To ensure the best possible visibility during use, the dS automatically selects between three brightness levels based on the ambient brightness.

The design has also been enhanced, and the battery turret is now slimmer than its predecessor. The cockpit controls are more ergonomic and the bigger gap between the cockpit and the magnification adjustment ring makes it even easier to operate the rifle scope when aiming.

The dS 5-25×52 P Gen. II will be available from March 30, 2021 at selected specialist retailers. For a detailed description of the new dS 5-25×52 P Gen. II rifle scope and all technical data visit https://www.swarovskioptik.com/at/en/hunting/products/rifle-scopes/ds

The Swarovski “ecosystem”.

The price of Swarowski dS 5-25×52 P Gen II scope in Europe is €4,370. You can find a direct link here.

Swarovski also released a new set of advanced binoculars, the EL Range with Tracking Assistant (TA).

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