This week has been a roller coaster of Magpul products. And the best is yet to come. To round out the extremely popular MP5 platform, Magpul will be making a collapsing brace. The Magpul MP5 Brace will be a must-have item for your H&K or clone MP5 pistols.

The Magpul MP5 Brace is a single central blade design. It has a QD sling cup in the rear so you can use an SAS style sling. Just behind the receiver end cap, near the bottom, is the latch to release the brace. Unlike the SB Tactical HK PDW brace or a traditional H&K factory stock, the release for the Magpul MP5 Brace is a lever that you push upwards. In regular H&K stocks, you have to push a paddle to the side usually right to left, this is more difficult for left-handed shooters. The Magpul design is ambidextrous since you just have to push upwards with your fire control thumb.

The brace bars are made of anodized aluminum and only have two positions – fully closed and fully deployed.

The endcap and the brace blade are made of the same polymer that Magpul uses for their SL grip module and handguard. The one shown here is a preproduction sample. The mold has yet to be textured. It will have the same look as the rest of the MP5 SL line. According to Jon Canipe, the MPBSL brace will come with an HK style buffer. Customers will be able to get replacements direct from Magpul if needed. Jon has assured me that changing the buffer is much easier with their Magpul MP5 Brace.

The Magpul MP5 brace is very sturdy. LOP is decent and it braces well. It should fit all the MP5 full-size clones like the H&K SP5, MKE clones. The sample gun Magpul brought is a PTR clone. Jon Canipe of Magpul did say they plan to release a stock version. It is a simple matter of redesigning the rear end of the brace into a buttstock and the sliding bars will have more notches for different lengths of pull just like a factory H&K MP5 stock. The price is still yet to be determined and they are looking at the late first quarter or early second quarter of 2021 for it to be available for sale. Unfortunately, they do not have any plans for an MP5K compatible brace.

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