[TFB GUNFEST] MAGPUL FDP-9: The 9mm Folding GLOCK We Deserve

[TFB GUNFEST] MAGPUL FDP-9: The 9mm Folding GLOCK We Deserve

During TFB Gunfest last week, Jon Canipe of Magpul brought out a smorgasbord of new Magpul goodies. There was one item he did not have on hand but he was gracious enough to let us in on the secret. Since the news is out: Magpul is bringing back the FMG-9 with the help of Zev Technologies. It will be called the FDC-9 and FDP-9.

The Original Magpul FMG-9

Back in 2008, Magpul unveiled a unique prototype called the FMG-9. F.M.G. stands for Folding Machine Gun.

The FMG-9 is a modern approach to the UC-9, also known as the Ares FMG, which was based on an UZI platform. It took UZI mags and had an UZI style pistol grip. Most importantly, it folded up into a somewhat small box.

Unfortunately the Magpul FMG-9 was never made into a real firearm.

PTS Magpul FPG

Back in 2010 PTS licensed the FMG-9 and developed an airsoft replica with KWA. It was a 100% replica with full functionality.



There has actually been a small number of people who converted their airsoft replicas into actual firearms.

Pete wrote about one such conversion.

The FPG has long since been discontinued and has increased in value, fetching over $1000 on the used market

Full Conceal: So Close And Yet So Far

We got a folding GLOCK in 2018 but it was not THE folding GLOCK we wanted. Full Conceal converted GLOCKSs to fold very similar to the Magpul FMG-9. However it lacked the critical part which was the enclosure and stock. If an airsoft company could make it, why couldn’t they? We will never know.

Zev Tech FDP-9 & FDC-9

Rejoice my fellow folding GLOCK enthusiasts! For the time is nigh upon us. Thanks to the fine people of Zev Technologies. They are resurrecting the FMG-9 and making the FDP-9 (Folding Defensive Pistol) and the FDC-9 (Folding Defensive Carbine).

FDC-9 folded.

Photo by ZevTech

Looking at the teaser pictures above there are some significant design changes. First, the carry handle looks taller and has an inverted picatinny rail. I suspect so you can keep a pistol light on it and if you want to make the FDC-9 more streamlined then removing the carry handle means the light goes with it in one swift motion.

The ejection port area has been enlarged and just below it appears to be the witness window for the serial number on the frame. The GLOCK take down lever/bar is exposed but protected in a recess.

Interestingly look at the picture above and the one below. It looks like the FDC-9 will have folding ambidextrous charging handles that sit flush when not in use.

Photo by ZevTech

The FDC-9 also appears to have a frame safety on the left side just behind the slide release. The trigger does not appear to have the typical trigger safety.

There is a noticeable difference from the FDC-9 and the FMG-9. The FMG-9 has a folding hand stop/pseudo VFG.

The FDC-9 does not seem to have that instead it has what looks like an integrated hand stop somewhat like what is at the front edge of the FMG-9.

Here is what Magpul announced about the FDC-9:

At SHOT Show 2008, Magpul® introduced a folding concept gun based on the Glock® operating system. It deployed single-handedly from a compact, simple form factor into a short-barreled carbine that was easier to handle and easier to employ accurately than many typical handguns. It also provided its own safe storage method by folding into itself to form a case. At the time, this concept firearm was intended to be just that…a concept.

In 2019, ZEV Technologies® released their OZ9 modular pistol, which is compatible with Glock-style operating systems, using a unique receiver block that’s independent of the pistol’s grip and allows users to change grip frames to suit their needs.

Shortly thereafter, Magpul and ZEV began working together to bring the folding gun concept to life using a proprietary variant of the ZEV OZ9 operating system and a Magpul chassis. Since then, we’ve been refining designs and obtaining required legal approvals. The result: The ZEV Technologies Folding Defensive Pistol-9 (FDP-9) and Folding Defensive Carbine-9 (FDC-9), both offered in 9x19mm.

The intent, with preliminary ATF approvals in place, is for ZEV Technologies to offer the FDP-9 firearm as a complete, large-format pistol. From there, the purchaser can enjoy the firearm as a self-enclosing large-format pistol. They may also choose to file the appropriate ATF Form 1 and, after approval, purchase a conversion kit to legally assemble it into the FDC-9. It will then be classified as a short-barreled rifle (SBR) and subject to all NFA laws. Although not certain at this time, the FDC-9 might also be offered straight from ZEV and would transfer to the purchaser as an SBR on an ATF Form 4 through their local dealer. The FDP-9 and FDC-9 will not be available from Magpul; they will be available from ZEV Technologies and through distributors and dealers that carry ZEV Firearms.

The ZEV FDP-9 and FDC-9 firearms won’t be ready until next year, but we wanted to share them with the world a little early. We’ve already crossed the most significant hurdles to bringing this concept to life, and we’ll be sharing a lot more about it throughout the upcoming year.

The ZEV Technologies FDP-9 and FDC-9, brought to you by ZEV and Magpul. Coming in 2022.

Photo by ZevTech

So it seems the FDP-9 will be a large format pistol with an enclosure. I suspect it will look like the FDC-9 however the bottom enclosure will not be hinged to the frame. So instead of it unfolding into a stock it might just fall away and you shoot the FDP-9 like a traditional handgun just with some added bulk to it. This is just my hypothesis; we won’t know until late this year when they announce pricing, and the guns themselves won’t be available until 2022. I hope Zev Technologies follows through with this and delivers us the folding GLOCK of our dreams.

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