Biden Inauguration Security

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By Bill Frady

So the real doom and gloom fires up today. We have the glass-jawed conservatives in Congress trying to knock each other out. Nobody believes an election is worth voting in now. Apparently it is all over.


Don’t we preach that history repeats itself, if it is not heeded? And what lessons does history teach us?

For 60 years the liberal/leftist movement has dominated literally everything. And for 60 years that movement has failed.

But they own the internet!

No one owns the internet. That’s like laying claim to a crater on the moon. The internet interprets censorship as damage and, thanks to packets, reroutes around it. The internet was designed to continue through a nuclear war. You cannot stop the signal, Mal.

We can take some lessons from war (although we seldom do). In 1863, Billy Sherman walked up to Ulysses Grant. While they gazed upon 20,000 dead soldiers in the field. Sherman said, “We’ve had the Devil’s own day, haven’t we?” Grant turned to him and said, “Yes. Lick ’em tomorrow, though.”

In 1942, with Pearl Harbor still burning, it was defeat after defeat. The Shinto-maddened Japanese owned the Pacific. The genocidal Nazis were tearing up Europe, Eurasia and North Africa. Singapore fell, Wake fell, Bataan fell, the Java Sea…one after the other like dominoes, for six months.

Then the first week of June came, and everything began to turn around despite all of the overwhelming defeats.

We have to let go of the political bipolar disorder…get icy cold and calm and simply proceed. Solzhenitsyn once said, ‘Never be too joyful, never be too sad.” That got him out of the gulag in one piece.

washington DC national guard rifle ammunition magazine M4 security theater

Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

We are not in a good position now, but we still have the ultimate veto. You can see it in the security theater that is the Washington, DC green zone, with the National Guard members on patrol with no ammo.

That shows you that we have the power. It is so embarrassing that the Pentagon, which shares the same zip code and is full of generals and and command sergeants major, they will not head down and unscrew this public display of incompetence.

So please, take a moment. Look at the facts.

We are far from over.


This article was originally printed at Bill Frady’s Lock n’ Load Radio Facebook page and is reprinted here with permission. 


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