Within about 90 days, X Products will begin shipping the new X-1 Stand Alone Launcher. This bad boy isn’t a firearm, so just like buying a stapler or any other random thing online, it will ship directly to your door.

See the video above for a rundown on the new X-1 from its developer, plus a little footage of me firing the standard Can Cannon at a clay pigeon. Thankfully I missed on purpose so y’all can see just how far a can of Big Red will fly.

The break-open, single-shot X-1 “can cannon” has an entirely unique, self-contained fire control unit and a chamber that only accepts blank ammo. Additionally, the barrel design is unique to the X-1 so no ability to swap for a live ammo-firing barrel exists.

As a blank ammo firing device, the X-1 is not a firearm or an otherwise regulated item and can ship through the mail directly to consumers.

But what to do with an X-1 Stand Alone Launcher, you ask? How about fire soda cans 100 yards or golf balls 800 yards? The X-1 also launches all sorts of other cans of the same or similar diameter of a soda can, which includes shaving cream, whipped cream, and a whole lot more. Plus tennis balls, racquet balls and a growing line of X Products accessories such as grappling hooks, arrows, and even self-inflating life rings for maritime use, and more.

The fire control unit slides into the front of the 3D-printed “receiver,” and can be easily moved into different receivers as X Products and, most likely, the aftermarket release all sorts of different designs. Again, because the X-1 isn’t a firearm, there are no rules around shoulder stocks or anything like that, so the portion of the X-1 behind the barrel can take effectively any form desired.

MSRP is $399.99. We expect to see the X-1 at Brownells as soon as they begin shipping and, of course, at the X Products website.


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