Ammunition is hard to come by but manufacturers are continuing to develop and produce new products. (Photo credit: Browning)

In a piece published by Fox35Orlando immediately prior to the Biden inauguration it was reported that people in search of ammunition are facing even an uphill battle.

People started lining up in front of the door at Academy Sports + Outdoors in Lake Mary as early as 2 a.m. on Monday waiting for the doors to open at 9 a.m.

When FOX 35 News asked several of those in line what they were waiting for, they all answered “ammo.”

And with perfect timing, several people in my social media feed have been posting pictures of long lines at gun and sporting goods stores across the country. All those lines are ammo-focused and in some you can clearly see the abysmally small pile of available ammo in the background.

Yes, demand and frenzy for ammunition has escalated with the inauguration:

Perkinson [owner of Volusia Top Gun] added that, since the pandemic hit, sales have been up 100% and every day feels like “Black Friday.”  However, he said the last two weeks, it’s been a “zoo.”

“I could have done 300% more if I had the inventory. I’m turning away a lot of people just for lack of inventory,” Perkinson explained.

Apparently some of the guys waiting in line for ammunition see no issue with with telling mainstream media journalists, well, everything:

“I just come here on Monday. Tuesday, I go to Buena Vista. Wednesday, I go to East Colonial. Thursday, Buena Vista. Friday, East Colonial. Sunday, I go to Millenia,” [David] Godkin said.

He is an avid hunter and marksman who uses about half of what he buys each week and stockpiles the rest.  Right now, he said Academy Sports will only sell three boxes of ammunition to each customer.  He was about 10th in line and wasn’t able to get exactly what he wanted.

“I got two 9s, which is the handgun, then I got the 223, which is the rifle. A good day. Would have been a better day if I’d gotten all 9s,” Godkin explained.

Well. Thank you for letting everyone know exactly where you shop, when, and how much ammo you’re using versus stockpiling, Mr. Godkin.

Something interesting in this news piece is the inclusion of prices and what sounds a bit like a half-assed excuse from a gun store owner:

A small box of 9mm ammunition that was selling for $14 maximum at this time last year, is now selling for $37.99 and [Volusia Top Gun] can barely keep it stock.

[Owner Ron] Perkinson tells FOX 35 News, even if he is able to get larger amounts of ammunition in later this year, he doesn’t see the price going down any time soon. Several of his manufacturers made him sign new contracts agreeing to pay more money for the product, if not, they won’t sell to him anymore.

Yes, it is true. Multiple major ammunition manufacturers announced price increases of as much as 15 percent per box. Oddly enough, every manufacturer I’m currently aware of that’s made that change has it slated to begin February 1, 2021.

Here’s the problem with gun store owners and dealers trying to push off higher ammo prices on the manufacturers: they have been hiking prices since the moment they saw demand spike. Manufacturers didn’t start increasing their own prices until relatively recently. Yet ammunition prices began climbing exponentially with no apparent ceiling back in, what, April of last year?

Supply and demand is a thing, but the way ammunition pricing has been handled has been…frustrating to watch in action. What do you guys think? Should ammunition prices be as they now are? Are dealers right to make the double and triple price increases in the face of spiking demand even when those increases were made months before manufacturers altered their own pricing?

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