Texas Gov. Greg Abbott mass shooting gun control

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott mass shooting gun control

(Mark Rogers/Odessa American via AP)

During a recent address, Texas Governor Greg Abbott made it clear what his priorities are, and Second Amendment rights are a big part of it. In response, the mainstream media have made it clear they’re displeased he didn’t talk about COVID-19 vaccines or deaths.

The following blurb is from The Valley Central:

At no time during the 30-minute discussion did Abbott mention the state’s coronavirus vaccine rollout or the more than 31,000 Texans who have died from the virus.

COVID — not gun rights — was front and central for The Valley Central, though:

Abbott participated in an indoor event hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, where hospitals are critically full, and the city is at its highest level of COVID-19 risk.

About half of the attendees wore masks at the indoor event.

Among other topics, Abbott discussed the need for Texas to become a Second Amendment sanctuary state. There are many towns and counties considered 2A sanctuaries in The Lone Star State but it would be fantastic to see the entire state go that way.

This from The Texan:

“I want to make sure that Texas becomes a Second Amendment sanctuary state so that no government official at any level can come and take your gun away from you, despite those people who said, ‘Heck yes, we’re going to take your gun,’” said Abbott during the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 2021 Policy Orientation.

“We’re gonna say, ‘Heck no, you cannot take people’s guns away in Texas,’” said Abbott in a self-censored reference to Beto O’Rourke’s quip during his presidential campaign.

The Texas Democratic Party wasn’t amused by Abbott’s speech:

“He’s talking about issues that don’t matter to Texans,” said Abhi Rahman, communications director for the Texas Democratic Party. “He’s talking about issues that really stand to benefit himself.”

It’s cute that Rahman is under the impression that gun rights “don’t matter to Texans.” He really should get out of Austin more often.

Of course, if Abbott makes good on his promise, he’s going to win a metric ton of Lone Star hearts and minds both within the state and nationwide. Do we hear Abbot for President 2024? Who knows?

The real question is whether making any state a Second Amendment sanctuary can be done in a way that will be upheld against any federal attempts to outlaw or confiscate citizens’ firearms. So Texas becomes a statewide sanctuary, great. But if the feds come a-knocking – which they certainly could – will that sanctuary status really save anything?

Let’s hear it. What do you think?

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