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Geist: Susan Rice Will Throw Second Amendment Rights Under the Political Bus

Geist: Susan Rice Will Throw Second Amendment Rights Under the Political Bus – The Truth About Guns

Susan Rice

White House Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Guiding [the implementation of President Biden’s gun control agenda] will be [Domestic Policy Advisor Susan] Rice. She’ll be heading Biden’s gun control dream team. That includes naming California’s Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra to the head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He has no health experience but knows how to call gun control “a health-care crisis” and defend unconstitutional gun grabs from Californians. There will also be Judge Merrick Garland, who has ruled from the bench at every opportunity to deny gun rights.

This all fits in neatly with Rice’s personal ideas on enacting stricter gun control. She supports a ban on Americans owning semiautomatic modern sporting rifles, the most-popular-selling centerfire rifles today. She wants to make it a crime for a neighbor to sell another neighbor a gun. She was vetted by the antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety to be a possible vice-presidential candidate.

Rice won’t take the job to protect the American people. She’s proven she can’t, or won’t. She’ll be the one to set the Second Amendment on the doorstep of the White House while gun control groups march in. Rice will abandon our God-given rights just as quickly as she abandoned me in Benghazi. Then she’ll spin it on Sunday morning talk shows.

— Mark “Oz” Geist in Susan Rice Abandoned Me During A Gunfight In Benghazi. She’ll Abandon You On Guns

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