When we start thinking about concealed carry topics, oftentimes it’s about gun selection and what you should carry on your body, big picture items like holster selection along with different guns for different people, but there are a number of small tricks that help new carriers. Carrying a concealed firearm seems fairly simple when you first start out but over time there will be certain situations that aren’t so simple. Don’t get me wrong, the big topics like gun selection and finding the right holster are important. If you’re interested, I encourage you to check out some of our other Concealed Carry Corner articles. Let’s dive into some simple gun tips for everyday life.

Using The Restroom With a Firearm

Some of you may laugh when you think about using the restroom while carrying a concealed firearm. I feel ridiculous even talking about it because this topic should be pretty straight forward but you would be shocked at how many people have left their carry gun in a bathroom stall once they finish up their business and head out. Just last year an off-duty police officer left her handgun in a school bathroom where three students found the firearm.

Helpful Tips

For new shooters, this may be an easy answer on where to put your handgun while using the bathroom. Some people prefer putting it on the back of the toilet while others like putting it on the toilet paper dispenser. Both of these can work but it’s best to try and keep it on your person. I typically will have a larger pant size when I carry a firearm inside an IWB holster. Having a bigger size means I don’t even have to take my firearm off when I’m using the restroom but I know not everyone is like that.

If you can’t leave your firearm on your belt while using the bathroom, it’s always smart to put the gun and holster in between your legs in your pants. This may seem crazy, but having the holstered firearm in between your legs facing forward is one of the best ways to take your firearm off without the risk of forgetting it. Once everything is done, simply grab the firearm and apply it back on your belt before leaving. Again, I know this sounds completely insane, but there are a number of news articles out there about people forgetting their guns in public bathrooms. It shouldn’t have to be something I write about, but here we are so please don’t be that guy.

Securing Your Firearm In A Vehicle

There will always be those rare moments where you will be presented with a choice when going to various places. When going to places like the post office, schools, various churches, you will oftentimes have to decide if you want to abide by the laws and leave your carry gun inside your vehicle or carry it knowing you’re breaking the law. It happens to people all the time who have to make a choice and most I know decide to disarm and leave it in their vehicle. Whatever the occasion may be, there will be times where you may need to take off your firearm and leave it in your vehicle.

Vehicle Lock Box

Having some sort of lockbox with a cable lock is a great solution for when you need to leave your firearm in the vehicle. There are risks with leaving a firearm unattended and if you have to leave it for more than 15-20 minutes, it may be a better choice to either carry it or not bring it. Having a small lockbox with a cable lock will give you the option to leave your firearm inside the vehicle though and can give you a nice option if you have to leave your firearm for a short period of time.

When it comes to lockboxes, there is one for every budget and really the sky is the limit. After traveling with firearms and doing different trainings around the country, I opted for a Boss StrongBox, but there are plenty of cheaper options that fit every budget depending on what you need. If you ever run into a situation where you need to leave your firearm in a vehicle and don’t have a lockbox, you can always use your lockable glove compartment as a last resort. It won’t be as secure as a lockbox, but it definitely works in a pinch so keep it in mind next time you have to drop your firearm.

Snap Safe Keyed Lock Box – Photo courtesy of Brownells

Navigating Alcohol When Carrying Concealed

Probably the most polarizing topic on this list is when you’re carrying a concealed firearm and you’re presented an opportunity to have a drink. Personally, I have the belief that if you carry a firearm, you should never have a drink under any circumstances. You may come off as a buzzkill or the “boring” one but in the long run, it’s the safest and smartest decision you can make. Now, I completely get some people aren’t like that and I can respect that, but it’s still your obligation to be responsible. If you start having alcohol, it’s important to unload the firearm and transport it like you would if you couldn’t conceal carry.

This is another reason for having a small lockbox in your vehicle, so you’re being the safest you absolutely can be. Again if you don’t have a lockbox, it’s important to unload the firearm and show it’s safe to transport. Before I had a lockbox, I would take the slide off the frame and put one in the glove box and the other piece in the far back section of my vehicle. This shows you are attempting to be as safe as possible in case you are stopped by law enforcement.

It may seem like a lot, but going the extra mile will help if you’re ever stopped after having a drink or two. Obviously, if you plan on having more than just one or two, the firearm shouldn’t even leave with you in the first place, but certain things happen and I get it. It happened to me where I had to unload my gun and lock it up or chose to not drink for the night.

Overall Thoughts

Now, I know this article is previously known knowledge to some, but there are so many individuals out there who just don’t know the proper things to do when they begin carrying a concealed firearm and this article is really for those people. So if I can reach out and teach just one person something new they may not know, it will be worth it to me. Let me know some quirky things you do when you concealed carry in the comments below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and send me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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