high capacity magazines

high capacity magazines

Things Californians still can’t buy. (Dan Z. for TTAG)

The Neighbor online is reporting on Washington State’s push, for the fourth straight year, to ban the sale, manufacture or possession of magazines with more than 10 rounds in Washington state.

Sponsored by Washington Sen. Marko Liias, D-Lynnwood,Senate Bill 5078 builds on efforts in the state legislature to slap stricter limits on ammunition sales. Gun control advocates say they could save lives in a mass shooting.

The bill bans high-capacity magazines capable of carrying more than 10 rounds of ammunition and includes fines up to $5,000 for violators. Those bought on or before the bill’s passage would be exempt along with any hand-me-downs a gun owner receives after its passage.

How’s this little gem for justifying the criminalization of tens of thousands of Washington gun owners?

“People served best by high-capacity magazines are mass shooters,” said Emily Cantrell, a survivor of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting. “The Second Amendment allows us the right to bear arms, but freedoms and rights come with responsibilities. And the right to own a gun does not give you the right to all the ammunition in the world.”

On the flip side The Neighbor quoted Washington Civil Rights Association Second Amendment advocate Curtis Bingham:

“Consider if you will for a moment a woman walking alone in downtown Seattle from her office to her car,” Bingham said. “With a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, how will she defend her life against two, three, or more violent criminals? When she’s struggling with one hand to hold off her attacker, she can’t reload her 10-round magazine because reloading requires two hands.”

No worries, though: The Neighbor dismissed Bingham’s statement easily enough with a little help from a civilian disarmament advocacy organization:

Studies show most murdered American women are likely to know their killer and few are likely to have or use a gun.

Based on FBI data from 2015, the nonprofit Violence Policy Center found that of 328 homicides in that year, just 16 saw a woman killing a man with a gun.

Perhaps the issue here is that women aren’t yet involved enough in self-defense and the firearms world. Maybe women need more education on these issues rather than having them dismissed as irrelevant. Just an idea.

Also pointed out in The Neighbor’s piece was the claim that high capacity magazines kill people (apparently). And I always thought that it was the guns they liked to blame.

On Monday, supporters of Senate Bill 5078 said running low on ammunition is precisely what they want to see happen to a mass shooter.

“When magazine capacity is limited, it forces the shooter to pause and reload,” said Cherie Rowe, vice president of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence. “The seconds it takes for a shooter to reload offers precious moments for the victims to either escape or law enforcement to intervene.”

I’m not here to argue that the pause to reload isn’t an important moment because it is, but the idea that a mass murderer is going to respect your gun control laws and limit himself to ten rounds is patently insane. It feels as though I’ve said this before – oh wait, I have – criminals are going to act criminally, no matter what the law says.

Seeing Washington state devolve into Little California so quickly has been disturbing. It would be no surprise whatsoever if this magazine ban is passed which is a sad statement of the anti-gun turn politics have taken in The Evergreen State. And remember…if it can happen there, it can happen in your state, too. Defending your gun rights is a never-ending process.

What do you all think? How effective would a magazine ban be in stopping mass murderers (who are probably wielding illegally obtained guns)? Is the idea of needing more than ten rounds for self-defense purposes relevant or not? And if you live in Washington State are you planning to stick it out or are you considering a move?

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