It has been quite some time since we ran the popular, informative, and witty ‘Ask Foghorn’ posts here on TTAG. Those posts informed the armed intelligentsia and kept them saturated in both arms and intelligence. Well, I’m happy to say that it will be yours truly that will be taking your questions going forward and hopefully providing you with the answers you desire.

Those are some big shoes to fill. Ask Josh isn’t going to be quite the same thing as Ask Foghorn, even though I was tempted to keep the title and pose with one of my chickens in the photo for the this post. I don’t have any Leghorns, but I’m sure that one day I’ll get one of my Sussex or Cochins in there all the same.

Don’t go full ‘Dear Abby’ on me, but don’t be afraid to get technical with your questions. There are likely others out there that have the same minute interests, such as if you should get a single action revolver with a transfer bar or a fixed firing pin.

I’ll keep it brief so as to not bore you. I got my start here on these very digital pages sometime back in 2012. I also penned a detailed and heavily referenced study on rifle barrel length here on TTAG back in 2013. You can read that here. Try not to fall asleep.

Since then, I hope my writing skills have improved. I’ve published over 500 articles in the industry across a wide number of publishers, both in print and digital. You can find my work just about anywhere these days, which is nice for some and bad if you’re trying to get away from my occasionally incoherent musings.

In addition to writing about guns, I also actively use them for my daily life. I’m a seasoned competitor at the the Camp Perry National Matches, placing the highest score with a Swedish Mauser in 2017 and 7th overall in the Vintage Match. Long range is a favorite of mine as well and I try to be a wealth of practical knowledge on working on bolt actions and ringing steel. I’m also an experienced hunter and have bagged quite a few Bambis in my day, especially with straight-walled cartridges and handguns.

When submitting questions, send them to [email protected] with ‘ASK JOSH’ in the subject line. I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner. You can choose to remain anonymous or I can include your name as “John S. From Tallahassee” if you want to take credit for the question (just be sure to let me know your preference).

Thanks and I’m looking forward to your emails.


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