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Connecticut Democrat Proposes Fining Those Who Do Not Exercise Rights

CT state Senator Haskell with MDA

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Connecticut state Senator Will Haskell has a plan; a Proposed Bill No. 180 would institute a $20 fine for not voting.

That title 9 of the general statutes be amended to provide that (1) at the 2024 state election and each state election thereafter, all qualified electors shall either cast a ballot or provide a valid reason for not casting a ballot, (2) following the 2024 state election and each state election thereafter, (A) the Secretary of the State shall mail to all qualified electors who did not cast a ballot at the most recent state election a form inquiring as to why such elector did not cast a ballot, which form shall advise that valid reasons for not casting a ballot include travel, illness, conscientious objection or such other reason as the Secretary may prescribe, and (B) failure to respond to such form with a valid reason shall result in a fine of twenty dollars paid to the Office of the Secretary of the State

This is a remarkable way to encourage civic engagement. I think we should institute fines for anyone not exercising all of their Constitutionally protected rights.

A fine of $20 per year for not exercising the right to keep and bear arms is in order.

Of course, as in voting, no record of how one exercised that right could be maintained; no record of who you voted for, no firearm registration.

Hmm… and if we can vote by mail, then we should be able to buy guns by mail again. I think Haskell is on to something here.

Of course, seeing with whom he hangs, I doubt that he’ll see this our way.

(Note to the sarcasm-challenged: This is sarcasm. I’m pointing out the hypocritical way different rights are viewed. I am not advocating for fines.)

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