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The New York Times Launches an Offensive Against South Dakota’s Kristi Noem

The New York Times Launches an Offensive Against South Dakota’s Kristi Noem – The Truth About Guns

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

Gov. Kristi Noem (AP Photo/James Nord)

I understand that the NYT cannot attack Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous Covid record (though minor kudos on this expose of his nursing home death coverup) because he is the governor of the state where it does most of its business and asserts the power, a power endorsed by the NYT itself, to declare the newspaper inessential, or even murderous a la The Guardian, and shut it down.

But why would the NYT go out of its way to attack [South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem], who even it admits remains popular in South Dakota? Possibilities abound but I see no reason to reject the hypothesis that the woke newsroom staffers who seized editorial control of the paper after the Cotton op-ed affair see Kristi and the entire state as a threat to their agenda, not just on Covid, but across the board.

Consider, for example, gun control. South Dakota effectively has none, not even for handguns, which anyone can carry, concealed or openly, without a permit of any kind. Contrast that with New Jersey and Massachusetts, which have strict controls on pistols and even long guns. According to a RAND study, South Dakota ranks ninth highest in the nation in per capita gun ownership yet 45th in per capita firearm homicides. The two aforementioned eastern states, by contrast, rank second to last and dead last in gun ownership, yet have gun homicide rates far higher than South Dakota’s.

— Robert E. Wright in The Attacks on Kristi Noem Have Only Just Begun


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