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Savage/Stevens: Shotguns Are The New ARs

No AR? No problem, according to Savage/Stevens. Both of these Model 320 ‘Security’ shotguns are in stock, and both of them can be yours for the princely MSRP of $540. That’s right, the MSRP is only $270 each. Actual street price is about $250.

Cheap pumps have a lot to recommend them when it comes to home defense. 00 buckshot is stunningly effective (as in “what just happened to that watermelon?”), it’s still in stock everywhere, and its price hasn’t gone up much during this Obama Panic.

And speaking of the Obama Panic, pump shotguns have such a long history as sporting and hunting arms (not that that has anything to do with the 2nd Amendment) that they’re likely to be among the last things banned if it comes to that. And let’s hope it doesn’t.

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