Rock River Arms has announced the commercial availability of their first precision bolt gun: the RBG-1S. After the original RBG bolt gun was announced back in 2019, the RBG-1S marks Rock River’s first effort in the precision rifle market.

RRA has been building AR-pattern rifles for years. They offer other firearms as well, including a polymer 1911. So how did they approach their precision bolt gun build?

The story of the RBG-1S [Rock/River Bolt Gun, 1st Generation, Short-action] begins with a Bighorn Arms action. That action, a TL3, is seated in a Kinetic Research Group chassis. Also nestling in that KRG Whiskey-3 chassis is an RRA-finished Wilson barrel. Below that our story may vary, from either a Triggertech or Timney trigger.



The rifle feeds from AICS style mags and will be initially available in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Rock River Arms says the RBG-1S is . . .

…designed to deliver a turn-key precision rifle suitable for long-range shooting and competition.

 Based on RRA’s proprietary short-action stainless steel receiver and a Wilson (stainless-steel barrel (offered in 24-inch, 22-inch or 20-inch models), the RBG Bolt Gun is available in .308/7.62x51and 6.5 Creedmoor chambering. The barrel is air-gauged for bore diameter uniformity and cryo-treated to ensure structural consistency.

 The barreled action sits in a KRG chassis, which was chosen for its lean profile and precision aluminum bedding. Toolless field adjustability provides a custom fit in any shooting condition. The chassis is compatible with AICS-style detachable box magazines and is ideally suited for multiple long-range shooting disciplines.

 Color options include tan, black, and green.

 Rounding out the action assembly is a one-piece, interchangeable two-lug bolt cycled by an oversized knurled bolt handle. The two-lug bolt design provides a smooth action when cycling and features an easy-access external bolt release.

 Beneath the action is a short-travel Triggertech trigger, or the option of a Timney trigger, with adjustable pull weight and a crisp, zero-creep break.

 Included with the RBG is a 20 MOA base. This allows the scope to be zeroed to prevent elevation runout for long-distance targets. Standard scope base holes are drilled into the receiver for shooters who desire conventional ring mounts.

Weighing a modest 10.2 pounds with an empty magazine, the RBG Bolt Gun measures 39.5-inches to 43.5- inches in length and is guaranteed by the factory to shoot sub-MOA groups.



Rock River Arms RBG Bolt Gun Specifications

Caliber: .308/7.62x51mm or 6.5 Creedmoor
Action: proprietary short action, stainless steel
Barrel: 20-inch, 22-inch or 24-inch stainless steel, 1:8 twist, 5/8-24 thread muzzle, air gauged, cryo-treated
Trigger: Triggertech trigger (Timney trigger option)
Bolt Handle: knurled, oversized
Picatinny Rail: 20 MOA base
Magazine: detachable box (AICS compatible/Magpul compatible)
Weight/Length: 10.2 lbs. / 39.5 in. – 43.5 in.
Accuracy: sub-MOA
Chassis: Kinetic Research Group (KRG), adjustable
Chassis Color: tan, black, green
MSRP: $4,235


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